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Special Knits

Special Knitsby Debbie Bliss

Special Knits is based on our need to create lovingly-made handknits for new babies, in soft yarns that are gentle against delicate skin. Each stitch is invested with affection and care by the knitter. Some of the designs in this book are simple to make - their special quality lies in the softness of the fabric, usually a cashmere mix. There are other projects where the uniqueness of the design comes from a scattering of beads, a velvet bow, or an organza ribbon that frames the gentle curve of a baby's cheek. In an age of the throwaway, these are garments that will become the modern classic, knits to cherish and hand down through generations. Most of the designs require little knowledge of complicated techniques; a simple garter-stitch blanket is perfect for a beginner and is given a touch of luxury with an edging of satin. Easy knits are embellished with a ribbon or a scattering of beads, while for those knitters who prefer more of a challenge, there is a sampler blanket or a cross-stitch embroidered gingham cardigan.



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