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Knitting Magazine 28

Knitting Magazine 28This fall Rebecca has the greatest selection ever. There are no limits to knit designs in the world of fashion this fall, and even home-made accessories are the latest trend. You'll find the latest hat and scarf sets, but also purses, leg and arm warmers, and stoles. Super soft and cuddly yarns are the big event, either brightly colored, or in pastel shades, either with an angora or mohair look, or as a soft super kid mohair. Even the sports arena has been taken over by these super light yarns. Of course our selection gives you the latest trend in designs for shape, style and collar: coats, jackets, dresses, skirt, throws, gathered, with cables, or patterns, wide or close-fitting. Naturally we also ensure that we have included some easier designs for the not-so-experienced knitters among us.



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