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Natural Coloured Handspun Cashmere

Cashmere Hand Spun in Natural Colours

There is just nothing like it - pure cashmere yarn has earned it's well deserved reputation for beauty, softness, and luxury. For any occasion, or project, the ultimate knitting experience.

Cashmere (Kashmir) is the down hair that keeps the Cashmere goat perfectly happy and comfortable in it's climate of scorching summers and freezing winters. As one of the finest fibres in the world, cashmere is extremely soft and insulating. So you can imagine it is incredibly sought after - if only because there are not too many cashmere goats around.

The finest fibres are gathered from the saddle of the Cashmere goat; most of the cashmere comes off of the sides and back, from the shoulder to the rump. It is a misconception that the finest fibres come from the neck and belly, as these parts are more inclined to collect debris. If the goat is shorn, the fibre must be "de-haired" to remove the coarse, unusable guard hair. Sometimes the fine fibres are collected by combing the goat; either method is time consuming and tedious, thus the high cost of cashmere.

These handspun yarns are in their natural colouring, a natural brown, a natural white (quite creamy) and a twist of them both.


Fibre: 100% Cashmere
Size: 50gm
Length: 115m approx


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