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A New Revolution!

Sirdar Loopa

What a great idea, the Loopa!

The clever people at Sirdar have devised a technique for making scarves which needs no knitting skills, not even knitting needles!

It can be used by complete beginners and experts alike and you'll have a finished product in minutes.

Full instructions are printed on the Loopas and once you've made one scarf you'll probably let your imagination go wild with the next yarn you choose.

The Sirdar loopa is easy, simple and quick to use with any two yarns to make your own unique design.

Great with Sirdar Wow and Vegas but everything's a possibility - remember to get balls of a similar length otherwise one'll run out!!

Let your creativity flow and make a scarf in an hour!

Sirdar Loopa - £1.99  

Loopa Patterns

8 patterns in 1 (but with a little thought the possibilities are endless!).

You will need a Loopa Template to be able to make these Easy No Knit Scarves. This Pattern leaflet includes full details of how to use the Loopa.

Sirdar Loopa Patterns - £1.99  
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