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While we are the largest online store in Europe and hold more stock than any of our contemporaries it is not possible for us to hold stock of all our 5,500+ products 100% of the time.

Unlike nearly all other types of retailing, holding stock of, for example, 20 of one particular item is never a guarantee of being able to supply every order. It is fine for books that are bought one at a time but every day we are as likely to have orders for 18 balls as we are 2.

To fulfil orders we also need to take into account the dye lots - we may have more than enough of a colour to supply an order but because of different dye lots we need to order more so that they match. As an example, we recently had an order for 13 balls of one colour but even though we had 40 available we had to order in another 2 packs of 10 as we hadn't enough in a matching dye lot - unfortunately this is a daily occurrence!

We are also at the mercy of our suppliers, some of whom we will be dropping over the coming months, and their ability to service our orders. If our supplier doesn't have a product in stock, and we have no control over this, then we cannot fulfil any orders for it and accept no responsibility for the delay.

Dye Lot Enquiries

Please bear with us when making enquiries about dye lots as it can be very time consuming to search through what can be up to 5 large boxes completely full with yarn to try and find a few balls in a matching lot. The best way is for you to place an order and email us with the Cart ID provided and we will amend the order to ask that it is matched.


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