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Grafton Fibers Crochet Hooks

Heirloom Collection

Grafton Fibers Crochet Hooks

These hand turned and simply stunning crochet hooks from Grafton Fibers are truly exquisite and are sure to be cherished for years to come.


Each one of the Grafton Fibers crochet hooks are hand crafted and as unique as you are - no two colours are the same and every hook has a blend of different tones and hues.

Exceptionally beautiful smooth and hard wearing these crochet hooks will develop a wonderful patina over the years.

A joy to look at and work with these surely must be the most beautiful hooks we've ever seen.

Grafton Fibers DPNS

Decorative hooks from Grafton Fibers

Crochet Hook Sizes Currently Available:
More to follow

6.00mm- 3 left £24.99  
6.50mm- 6 left £24.99  
8.00mm - x 4 left £24.99  
9.00mm- 9 left £24.99  

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