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Sirdar FizzIf you're wondering what these are - they are the must have yarns for fashion scarves and accessories this season.
They consist of a main thread of yarn with fibres coming off that produce an eyelash effect.
Think of false eyelashes and you'll have an idea of what they may look like!

They can be used on their own to produce fluffy items or can be mixed with other yarns to give a contrast and 3D effect to your knitting projects.
The texture that an eyelash yarn creates is a breath of fresh air sometimes to the heavy wools and chunky yarns that currently dominate the market.
Take a look at our gallery of your knits to see what one of our customers', Jane, did with some of her scarves - we're sure you'll agree that it's an artform in itself!

Adriafil Stars Eyelash yarnThese fun fashion yarns come in a selection of colours and thicknesses - Sirdar Fizz (although temporarily withdrawn) has little bits of paper and fluff coming from the main yarn in wonderful colours and is responsible for so many people coming back to knitting; Elle Plume is one of the softest eyelash yarns and comes in a range of lovely colours from pink to blue to black.
GGH Amelie and GGH Intension have to be felt to be appreciated - they are probably the softest yarns we stock in the whole store and are a fantastic quality - definitely two of my favourites!

Our latest addition is the very exciting Adriafil Baroque, a fabulous variegated fluffy yarn with multi-coloured, feather-like, tufts attached to produce an exotic and unusual fabric when knitted up. Along with Adriafil Stars, an amazing selection of colours with a little thread of glitter going through it to add that extra sparkle to your garment, Adriafil have some lovely yarns to choose from.

Tess Dawson

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