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Before sending us an enquiry you may find the answer to your question here:

Is it safe to use my credit card online with you?
Yes. Angel Yarns uses the latest encryption technology to keep your information safe from prying eyes.

How long will it take for me to get my order?
Orders are dispatched (where possible, see here) within 2 business days (except during the exceptionally busy Christmas period where delays may be experienced) by 1st class Royal Mail or Priority Airmail.
Please note that this is when we aim to send your order, we do not claim to have a 48 hour delivery service.
Although the majority of parcels are delivered quickly, please allow 15 postal days following the date of despatch before chasing your order (please also see question below - "My order hasn't arrived - what should I do?").

What do I do if my order does not arrive?
The majority of parcels are delivered promptly (we use Royal Mail business service which is collected and sorted separately and is very efficient).

Before chasing your order, please follow these steps:

1. Check with other members of your household that they haven't put the parcel somewhere.

2. Check with your neighbours to ensure that they haven't taken delivery for you.

3. Check with your local Post Office that they are not holding the parcel for you.

If your parcel will not fit through your letterbox and has been left with a neighbour or returned to your local Post Office for collection/redelivery, Royal Mail should leave a card through your door (although we cannot be held responsible for the omissions of individual postal workers). It does frequently occur that customers inadvertently discard these cards with the junk mail so do not think that a delivery has been attempted and every day we receive parcels back marked "not called for" because the customer has not checked with their local Post Office.

We are bound by Royal Mail regulations in that a parcel is not considered lost until 15 postal days have passed. If your parcel has not been delivered after 15 postal days, we will refund your money in full or resend the goods to you, whichever you would prefer.

This does not affect your right to claim compensation from Royal Mail for "delayed" post and you can find information on how to do this here.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, every day we send out all over the world, from the USA to Malta to Japan to Australia to Mauritius and many, many more countries.

How do I remove the VAT?
If your order is to be delivered outside of the European Union then you will have the option to deduct the VAT from your order total, this also includes the Channel Islands (please choose 'Channel Islands' from the drop down box).

What currencies do you accept?
We currently accept online payments in GB£, US$ and Euros. We can only accept payments made by cheque & postal orders in GB£'s.

How do I calculate shipping charges?
All the details can be found on our Using this Site page.

How are shipping charges calculated?
Shipping charges vary according to product weight, packaging, destination and shipping method used.

Can I ship my order to a different address?
Yes! When you place your order there is a 'Delivery Address' option.

Why is my credit card being 'declined'?
There are several possibilities for this but we will mention the most common. First, you simply may not have the funds available on your account and don't realise it.
However, if you're sure you have plenty of "available credit" left on your account, more than likely it's an address mismatch or a card number or security code problem. To try and rectify these problems please ensure that the address matches the credit card payment address, the credit card number is correct (without spaces) and the security code is the last 3 numbers from the code written on the signature strip on the card's reverse. If you are experiencing problems getting an approval on our system, please contact us and we will try to get an authorisation from a different merchant account.

Why have you taken payment when my order is out of stock?
Our payment processor, WorldPay, carries out our online transactions for us and although you are charged when you place your order we are not paid for 4 weeks. Please also see here...

Why is it so hard to get hold of you by phone?
There are several reasons for this. First, we are the largest online retailer in Europe and we get calls from all over the world and as we all know knitters like to chat! This and the Learn2Knit campaign we have started has meant that our lines are busy very nearly all day. Secondly, we prefer contact by email so that all correspondence is "documented" and not lost in post-it notes or papers on our desks and lastly our phones are ringing from the time we start to way past when we finish! If you are calling regarding an order please quote your Cart ID so we can have your order details in front of us.

Can I telephone my order to you?
It is actually much more advantageous for you to order on line. In addition to the Secure Server Link (SSL), you receive auto-receipts throughout the process.
However, if you still are uncomfortable conducting an on line transaction, please e-mail us and we will try to call you at a mutually acceptable time. It is our goal to make your shopping experience a pleasant one.

Can I pay by cheque or Postal Orders?
Yes, one of the options for payment at the checkout is for 'Payment by Cheque', more details can be found on the Using this Site page. Please no cash and also please note that payment can only be accepted in GB£'s.

Do you hold my credit card details?
In one word, No.
Unless you have telephoned you order to us we do not have any contact with your credit card details whatsoever, only our payment processor (WorldPay) has this information and it is encrypted to the highest level available. When taking a telephone order we process the sale and then shred the credit card details immediately.

Do I have wait until my order is complete before it is shipped?
No. We may part ship your order if some items are out of stock or delayed but you are not charged extra shipping if we part ship.

You have sent part of my order with the rest 'to follow', will I be billed for the extra postage?
No, anything we send out subsequently is at our cost.

I have been waiting for some of my order for some time, what's happening?
We haven't forgotten you! From time to time we order in goods but our suppliers do not tell us that they are on backorder with them or even discontinued! Sometimes we are waiting for supplies to come from abroad and we have to be patient with customs. We have now brought in a policy whereby if an order is outstanding for more than 6 weeks we will automatically refund it. Please also see here...

My address is not complete on my email confirmation, how do I correct it?
Please contact us with the Cart ID for you order and your correct address and we will update the information.

I didn't receive a confirmation of my order from you, why not?
Every confirmation email we send out is copied to us so we know our systems are working correctly.

Please Note: We are unable to send order confirmations with PayPal payments. Your Order Number (Cart ID) will be confirmed by PayPal.

If you have not received a confirmation email it is possibly due to one or more the following reasons:

  • Your email address was input incorrectly (60% of failures are due to this reason)
  • Your personal spam filter prevented it from getting through
  • Your ISP spam filter prevented it from getting through
  • Your company mailserver has prevented it going through
  • Your ISP or company mailserver hasn't responded in a timely manner

You didn't answer my question!
Sorry! Contact us with any other questions.


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