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Elle Yarns - 35% OFF!!

Lanartus - 35% OFF!!

Jaeger Celeste - 40% OFF

Jaeger Mohair Art - 40% OFF

Lana Grossa:

Sock Yarns - We've now started to add the Lana Grossa range of sock yarns, gorgeous!


Knitit - Lovely tape yarn

Moiselle - We think this one will be very popular!


Kilt Pins - Our own range of kilt pins

Knitting Needles:

Children's Knitting Needles - We've been asked for these a lot!

Oi Oi Bags:

Knitting Bags - Wow! We fell in love with these!


Jaeger Roma - Deliciously soft yarn from Jaeger


Natural Silk Aran - Gorgeous soft and silky yarn

Luxury Cotton DK - Silky and sophisticated cotton, viscose and silk blend


Hana Silk - Wow! Lovely silk yarn from Noro

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