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Our range of knitted and crocheted accessories from bags to belts to cushions.

Rainbow Mitts
Tess Dawson
Rainbow Mitts
Alpaca Frilly Scarf
Tess Dawson
Alpaca Scarf
Frilly Kidsilk Haze Scarf
Tess Dawson
Lacy Scarf
Tess Dawson Designer Scarf
Tess Dawson Scarf
Stitch Diva patterns
Stitch Diva Bags
Scarves, Hats, Wraps & Cushions
Felted Bag kits
Black Sheep Bags
Knitted and Felted
Twilleys Knitting and Felting Kits
Twilleys Felted Bag
& Knitted Scarf Kits
Crocheted bags
Tess Dawson Bags
Fashion Tie Kit
Tess Dawson
Funky Tie
Twilleys Accessories
Knitted Bags
Debbie Abrahams
Bags and Cushions
Fashion Crocheted belt
Tess Dawson
Fashion Belt
Rowan Big Knit Kits
Rowan Big Knitting Kits
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Accessories Knitting Patterns & Kits
bag kits
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